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The Go-Around Dollar
A story describing how a
single dollar changes hands,
accompanied by facts about
the one-dollar bill.
Author: Barbara Johnston Adams
Illustrator: Joyce Audy Zarins.
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Log Cabin in the Woods
A True Story
about a Pioneer Boy
Author: Joanne Landers Henry
Illustrator: Joyce Audy Zarins.

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As a Writer and Artist:

My first book, Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar (1980), was in print for nine years. Ages 4-7. J.B. Lippincott.

The Diviner was based on a French Canadian folk story my grandmother told me. Ages 5-8. J.B. Lippincott.

Henri and the Loup Garou was a 1982 Notable Children's Trade Book in Social Studies. Ages 5-8. Pantheon.

After Giants of Smaller Worlds came out, an editor from another company called to tell me that they had also published a book about giant insects, but it wasn't in color and didn't show the insects in actual sizes, as my book did. Ages 7-10. Dodd, Mead.

Toasted Bagels was part of the Break of Day Series. Ages 7-9. Coward, McCann.

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